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Tracy Rogers-Tryba

Northern Illinois University
Outreach & Engagement Specialist
Greater Chicago Area
Tracy Rogers-Tryba, MsEd, is an Outreach & Engagement Specialist at Northern Illinois University’s Center for P-20 Engagement. With ten+ years of experience at NIU, Tracy’s proficiency in strategic visioning, dialogue facilitation, and project management has contributed to local and regional efforts to enhance social services in times of shrinking resources. While a primary interest is in the use of dialogue as a means of developing greater civic capacity, Tracy is also invested in developing high thinking skillsets among youth and adults. In the past three years, she has spearheaded regional efforts to raise awareness on the necessity of developing computer literacy and coding skills for the 21st-century workforce. Young students can utilize these skills by developing a hacker mindset while addressing problems that impact them on a daily basis through the use of social media campaigns and application development connecting to communities of students facing a similar issue. Currently, a doctoral candidate focused on civic engagement and capacity building, Tracy is constantly looking for opportunities to participate and contribute her expertise when working with others.