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Katy Podbielski

Program Manager, City Innovate
Katy Podbielski is a Program Manager at City Innovate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping cities navigate and address complex challenges. City Innovate leads different programs that are connected by a theme of bringing people from private and academic sectors together with local government organizations to address problems collaboratively. All programs at City Innovate utilize elements of design thinking and result in the testing or procurement of customized technology products for cities. Katy herself is dedicated to understanding the factors that influence how decisions in cities are made, so she can work with others to evolve communities into equitable and sustainable spaces. Katy has worked different for organizations in private, academic, nonprofit and public sectors, and prior to joining City Innovate she was canvassing for affordable housing measures in the City of Oakland, assisting a UC Berkeley political science professor on a longitudinal study about voting behavior, and supporting local manufacturing businesses and economic development in San Francisco. Katy earned her B.A. from UC Berkeley where she designed her major through the Interdisciplinary Studies program and wrote a senior thesis comparing the the origins, philosophy and goals of localist social movements across the U.S., Argentina and Italy.