avatar for John Allspaw

John Allspaw

Co-founder, Adaptive Capacity Labs, and former CTO of Etsy
avatar for Natalie Bednarz

Natalie Bednarz

Digital Communications Coordinator, City of Orlando
avatar for Maria Benjamin

Maria Benjamin

Director of Homeownership and Below Market Rate Programs San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
avatar for Brittany Berwanger

Brittany Berwanger

Co-Captain, Code for Tulsa
avatar for Catie Bialick

Catie Bialick

Criminal Justice Manager, Arnold Foundation
avatar for Beth Blauer

Beth Blauer

Executive Director and Founder, Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University (GovEx)
avatar for Brandon Bouier

Brandon Bouier

Solutions Architect, AWS Former Engineer, Defense Digital Service AWS
avatar for Michael Brunton-Spall

Michael Brunton-Spall

Independent Cybersecurity Consultant working for the UK government
avatar for Marquis Cabrera

Marquis Cabrera

Global Leader of Digital Government Transformation, IBM
avatar for Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan

Leads the State and Local Government Practice at 18F
avatar for Susan Clark

Susan Clark

Founder, Common Knowledge Group, Research Foundation, Common Knowledge Group
avatar for Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

Acting Administrator, U.S. Digital Service
avatar for Jen Dary

Jen Dary

Leadership Coach & Founder, Plucky
avatar for Kaitlin Devine

Kaitlin Devine

Director of Innovation, Ad Hoc
avatar for Louise Downe

Louise Downe

Director of Design and Service Standards, U.K. Government Digital Services (GDS)
avatar for Jens Egerland

Jens Egerland

Senior Managing Director, Accenture Health and Public Service
avatar for Albert Garcia

Albert Garcia

CalFresh Program Manager, County of San Diego’s Health & Human Services Agency
avatar for Emma Gasson

Emma Gasson

Head of Product, Code for America
avatar for Genevieve Gaudet

Genevieve Gaudet

Service Designer, Nava PBC
avatar for Greg Gershman

Greg Gershman

CEO and Co-founder, Ad Hoc
avatar for Gabriella Gomez-Mont

Gabriella Gomez-Mont

Founder, Laboratorio para la Ciudad, the experimental arm/creative think tank of the Mexico City government, reporting to the Mayor
avatar for Elizabeth Goodman

Elizabeth Goodman

Acting Director of Design, 18F
avatar for David Guarino

David Guarino

Director, GetCalFresh, Code for America
avatar for Cyd Harrell

Cyd Harrell

Civic UX Research Consultant
avatar for Christa Hartsock

Christa Hartsock

Engineering Lead Code for America
avatar for Ariel Hunsberger

Ariel Hunsberger

Head of L&D, Slack
avatar for Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson

Digital Services Architect Code for Asheville
avatar for Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Senior Portfolio Lead, IDEO
avatar for Jess Kahn

Jess Kahn

Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company
avatar for Athena Kan

Athena Kan

Senior at Harvard & Co-Founder of Coding it Forward
avatar for Hannah Kane

Hannah Kane

Product and Team Lead, 18F
avatar for Gina Kim

Gina Kim

UX Designer and Researcher, US Digital Services
avatar for Julie Kramer

Julie Kramer

Software Developer BrightGauge Software & Co-Captain of Code for Miami
avatar for Chris Kuang

Chris Kuang

Junior at Harvard & Co-Founder of Coding it Forward
avatar for Jazmyn Latimer

Jazmyn Latimer

Lead Designer, Code for America
avatar for Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee

Product Manager, 18F
avatar for Eric Liu

Eric Liu

Founder and CEO, Citizen University
avatar for Rafael Lopez

Rafael Lopez

Managing Director, Health & Public Service, North America Accenture
avatar for Kate Lydon

Kate Lydon

Senior Portfolio Director, IDEO
avatar for Scott Mauvais

Scott Mauvais

Director Microsoft Cities, Microsoft
avatar for Ashley Meyers

Ashley Meyers

Product Manager, Digital Services Team, City of San Francisco
avatar for Hashim Mteuzi

Hashim Mteuzi

Senior Manager, Network Talent Initiative, Code for America
avatar for Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen

Professional Skateboarder & Entrepreneur
avatar for Cecilia Munoz

Cecilia Munoz

Vice President, New America and former Director DPC, Obama White House
avatar for Mari Nakano

Mari Nakano

Deputy Director for Design, New York City Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity
avatar for Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie Nguyen

Harvard Kennedy School
avatar for Lynn Overmann

Lynn Overmann

Vice President of Criminal Justice, Arnold Foundation
avatar for Hunter Owens

Hunter Owens

Senior Data Scientist, City of Los Angeles
avatar for DJ Patel

DJ Patel

Chief Data Scientist, former U.S. Chief Data Scientist, Obama White House, DevotedHealth
avatar for Denise Pena

Denise Pena

Community Justice Manager, Victim Services Unit, Department of Community Justice, Portland, OR
avatar for David Plouffe

David Plouffe

Head of Policy & Advocacy, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
avatar for Katy Podbielski

Katy Podbielski

Program Manager, City Innovate
avatar for Jessie Posilkin

Jessie Posilkin

Acquisitions Consulting Team Lead, GSA Technology Transformation Service
avatar for Kate Rabinowitz

Kate Rabinowitz

Independent Data Journalist
avatar for Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos

Senior Director, Multi-benefits, Code for America
avatar for Sabrah n'ha Raven

Sabrah n'ha Raven

Brigade Volunteer, Code for Asheville
avatar for Amber Reed

Amber Reed

Chief Service Designer, City and County of San Francisco’s Whole Person Care Pilot
avatar for Jeff Reichman

Jeff Reichman

Co-Organizer, Sketch City, the Code for America Brigade
avatar for Meilani Santillan

Meilani Santillan

Senior Manager Partnership and Growth, Code for America
avatar for Alla Goldman Seiffert

Alla Goldman Seiffert

Acting Director, GSA FAS Technology Transformation Services’s Office of Acquisition
avatar for Darnell Sessoms

Darnell Sessoms

Product Manager, NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity
avatar for Raj Shah

Raj Shah

Former Managing Partner, DIUx
avatar for James Sherrett

James Sherrett

Senior Technology Strategist, Slack
avatar for Evonne Silva

Evonne Silva

Senior Director Criminal Justice and Workforce Development, Code for America
avatar for Joanne Collins Smee

Joanne Collins Smee

Director of Technology Transformation Services (TTS) and Deputy Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
avatar for Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Ad Hoc
avatar for Amy Tong

Amy Tong

Director and State Chief Information Officer, California Department of Technology
avatar for Jennifer Tress

Jennifer Tress

Chief of Staff, Technology Transformation Service, General Services Administration Senior Hiring Consultant
avatar for Robert S. Weisengoff

Robert S. Weisengoff

Executive Director, Pretrial Release Services Program of the State of Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
avatar for Michael Wilkening

Michael Wilkening

Undersecretary, California Health and Human Services Agency
avatar for Sabrina Williams

Sabrina Williams

Software Engineer, Devoted Health and former Acting Director of Engineering, U.S. Digital Service
avatar for Veronica Young

Veronica Young

Volunteer Specialist, Code for America